Mr G.Endriuska £27000

“I am very grateful to LITKRAFT for such great work. Thanks to their fantastic effort I have been awarded £27,000 in compensation”.


After an accident I suffered neck, elbow, back, knee injuries and psychological trauma. As a result, I have not been able work. For a while I had to rely on state benefits and support from the relatives. Luckily, LITKRAFT managed to secure an interim payment to ease the hardship.

The insurers disputed my injuries. Also, it took longer than expected for me to recover, wherefore I had to be re-examined numerous times. Fortunately, LITKRAFT accompanied me to all examinations, provided interpretation and helped me complete the required paperwork.


The whole process took almost 3 years. There were times when I thought the insurers were just wasting my time. Even my friends started joking that I will never get a compensation. LITKRAFT team were the only ones who kept me motivated to carry on with the claim. If anything happens to me again I will definitely contact LITKRAFT.

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