Case Study

AldIvinas Tijunaitis (London) £4780

The client was driving on a roundabout in the middle lane and was planning to come off of the roundabout. When, in the meantime, the car in the first lane, tried to go to the right and was switching lanes. Cars collided and on impact, the entire side of the car was damaged.

After collision the third party stopped the car in the first lane, hence all the pictures taken after the accident testified against our client.

In addition, it’s a normal practice in England that, where no one is obviously to blame, most insurance companies settle for a 50/50 settlement if accident happened on a roundabout.


All the evidence, the TP testimony and the common practice in England regarding accidents on roundabouts were against our customer. While solicitors were strongly recommending to accept 50/50 liability, LITKRAFT believed client’s innocence, and started to analyse the situation themselves.

Only when we gather all available evidence together, it became clear that a TP testimony does not match the evidence. As a result, we managed to persuade solicitors to challenge TP’s testimony and other side’s solicitors had no choice but to admit their clients fault.


My claim was handled with the utmost excellence and nothing was too much trouble, any questions I had were answered straight away.I received an excellent outcome and would recommend this firm to anyone.


EDGARAS, £4302

Great company, fantastic staff who are just a phone call away to help. They were very patient in explaining every document received from solicitors or doctors. When we first started the claims process, the other party tried to deny liability, but LITKRAFT solicitor fought my case in court and won it. I was delighted with the process and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from LITKRAFT.

GINTARAS (London) £4680

If you had an accident – immediately call LITKRAFT. They are true professionals and it really shows, as they can tell you straight away if you have a case. When I had another accident I emailed all details to them and they called me back within 20 min

Rimantas (London) £2725

I am very impressed with the service provided. Thanks to LITKRAFT assistant I was able to prove my innocence. Third party was denying the damages suffered, but we never gave up, resulting in a settlement of compensation that I was really happy with.

Rita Stanionienė (London) £4126

LITKRAFT team was very friendly and provided an excellent service, I would definitely recommend it to others. I was very happy working with them, as everyone I have spoken to have been polite and understanding.